Thursday, August 03, 2006


Glasgow and Edinburgh (Scotland – 20-23 July)

Hi Everyone,

After another very short flight, around 1 ½ hours, we arrived in Glasgow. After picking up our car from Avis in the city it was off for dinner. After a very pathetic meal at a joke of a restaurant called Harry Ramsdens, we went for a wander around the city. After walking past one of the biggest rubbish heaps around 9it was an actual rubbish heap next to the road), we took a wander through the streets. The city hall and world war monument were both very impressive. Unfortunately the rest left a lot to be desired. I doubt I will go back there any time soon, unless anyone can tell me that there is something impressive about it?!?

Friday was spent driving to Edinburgh, via Loch Ness. It took around 3 ½ hours, with some fantastic scenery. It wasn’t quite as impressive as Norway, but definitely amazing to say the least. Loch Ness is huge. Interesting fact: There is that much water that you could fill it with every human on earth twice over. Unfortunately we didn’t see the Loch Ness monster, although I was looking.

After our little adventure it was off to Edinburgh. Another 3 ½ hour drive was what met us, but after 2 hours one of the most exciting things on the trip happened, it started raining. Now normally this isn’t anything exciting, however rain isn’t something we have seen for months, so this was a big thing (then again, it could just be me).

In Edinburgh we met up with Amber. That’s right, Amber Rimmer. By the way she is well and loving her time in Edinburgh working on the Fringe Festival. We caught up for dinner and several drinks. It was nice and relaxing, especially needed after all of the driving.

Saturday we spent wandering around Edinburgh Castle and went to the Edinburgh Dungeons. It was good fun. Amber wasn’t as impressed as we were, probably because she used to work there and they weren’t as exciting as she was… That night I got to meet up with a friend of mine Zoe. I hadn’t seen Zoe for around 3 years, and it was a great chance to catch up. For those of you who know Zoe I will be sending you some photo’s soon. We went out for dinner and out for many many drinks. We went to a bar called Finigan’s. It was absolutely hectic. Had a beer there and went to ‘3 Sisters’. We all sat in the beer garden out front. It is huge, and it was filled with Hen’s Parties. Very funny, some great costume ideas, and some absolute hideous ones. Once that closed it was off to the next place, the name of which I can’t remember, not sure if it was the beer or the name was easily forgettable.

Sunday we were everywhere. We went back to Glasgow for a short time, and then off to St Andrews. The golf course was amazing. We then watched a Scottish Pipes and Drums band. By this time it was getting late and we had to go to the airport. We made one last stop and had a look at the Royal Britannia. The ship is huge, no wonder the Queen was always using it. Imagine the parties, Aunt Liz would have been wasted…

Unfortunately for Jon this spelt the end of the Eurotrip and it was back to work. As for me, well, it keeps going.

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