Thursday, September 07, 2006


Week Fifteen

Al-salaam alaykum,

Now the trip is over its back to my normal life. Well actually, I thought it was back to normal. I took the Sunday off work to get all of my washing done, which there was a lot, and have a bit of a rest prior to heading back to work. I also had the great opportunity to check my credit card balance. Looking back on the check I almost prefer that I hadn’t.

I went back to work on the Monday and man was it hadn’t really changed that much. There were a few new faces which was great. The Princess (Vic Collins) had arrived, along with a bunch of other M2006’s. It was great to see some more of the old faces.

I am amazed at how much Doha had changed. Many of the roads that were being worked on are now finished, and the apartment building next door was just one level away from being equal to my window. Looks like sleep isn’t something I will be getting much of. Traffic congestion has eased a lot which is even better.

Getting back to work wasn’t easy. Having been away for 3 ½ weeks, I wasn’t exactly in the groove for work. I was lucky to only have 147 emails to sort through. There would have been a lot more had my inbox not been shut down by the IT team on July 23rd after it got too full. On Tuesday, a few of the transport lads managed to twist my arm, actually my must be rubber because it didn’t take much twisting. I decided to go with the lads back to Dubai for a boys trip, except this time it was Rich, Platts, Valcs, and Lakester, along with some IT boys. I ended up taking the Thursday off, making it a 3 day week.

Thursday it was off to Dubai, again. I arrived mid afternoon to find the rooms empty. We were staying at the Four Points Sheraton. Unfortunately the hotel reception forgot to give me the note telling me where everyone was. I ended up spending the day lazing by the pool, listening to music and working on my sun tan. It was actually very relaxing. That evening we out for Indian. Not a bad meal. After that we went out for the night to a couple of different night clubs. It was great fun. We ended up getting back around 3am. It was a massive night. The next day we went to Double Decker for all you can eat and drink at 11am. The food and drinks were freely flowing. It was great. We left there just after 3pm and headed back to the hotel.

The rest of the afternoon and evening, actually 5pm onwards, was spent at an Irish bar. It was the first time since I left Ireland that I was able to include the words gas, grand and craic in sentences and not get looked at like I was weird (thanks for the new words Tracy). We had a cracking night. Some of the lads threw the towel in early which was disappointing. However, just like Thursday night and all day Friday, team 614 (myself and Martin) lasted until the end. It was a massive night but great fun.

Saturday it was off to Wild Wadi. For me this was my second time, but it was still great fun. This time I went on the massive water slide. It was unbelievable. I love it. At one stage I was going down and I wasn’t touching the slide, it was crazy. Once we finished having all the fun there that we could it was off to get some retail therapy, and some dinner. For me the flight was at 2215, but just like every other flight I had over the previous weeks it was delayed. It was great weekend, lots of memories and far too many photos.

Hope you are all well!!

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