Sunday, September 10, 2006


Week Seventeen

Al-salaam alaykum,

This is my first week back where I had to work a full week. It was good working my way back ink, but it was time to keep working. We had a few good results, but generally not much changed. The Director General sent an email out to all of the staff telling us that we had to start working Saturday’s, meaning we were only getting one day off a week. I’m sure you can imagine that the staff are not happy. Most of us are already working in excess of our normal hours and are now being made to also come in on Saturday s. This will all be starting on the 9th September and will last through until the games. I am happy to work any days I need to to get the job done, and this will include weekends, however we don’t need to be made to work extra days. Any way that’s my gripe for the week.

Tuesday night I cooked dinner for Carissa Harris (Hammer) for her birthday. Lozza, Ross and Vic also came along. I cooked spaghetti and meatballs. I made the meatballs myself, and I was really surprised, they actually tasted really nice. After several hours of preparation and cooking the meal ended up tasting really nice. It turns out everyone else enjoyed it as well which was good. It was a big feed.

This week the rotational dinner was off this week as we had a dinner to welcome Danielle Brown to Doha. I also finished my confined water dives which was great, it's taken me long enough. Next I have to do my open water dives.

Thursday night a bunch of us went out for dinner for Thai. This time the food was rather average, which doesn’t normally happen. It was then off to Platts’s place for a pool party. The night was huge, boy was I feeling it the next day. Friday was spent taking it easy. It was the first weekend in over 5 weeks that I had been in Doha and it was nice to just take it easy. Friday night was just a quiet one, a few DVD's and some relaxation.

Saturday it was off to our last Saturday breakfast at ‘The One’. I was told that during the weeks I was away the quality of the slipped which was very disappointing to hear. Thankfully this week the food was great. We spent the afternoon watching the baseball. For those of you who don’t like baseball that may sound pretty boring, but for me it was great. Once the game was over we went over to Kim’s for Singstar and margaritas. I think the rest of the night speaks for itself. Note to self, don’t drink on a school night.

A big positive for the week was for the people who have been living in hotels for the last 6 weeks. Finally the people were moved in to their own apartment building. Normally you would think that would be the end of, not quite. Just like everything else in Doha, things didn’t exactly go to plan. When the elevators were installed, they failed to put the correct ones in. The building has 7 stories plus the ground level. The elevators that were put in, don’t stop at level 6. They only have numbers up to 6. When you press 6, they both go to level 7. The only way to access level 6 is to either go up to 7 and walk down, or stop at 5 and walk up. Unbelievable!!! In an apartment, a girl was filling her bathroom sink with water when it fell of, smashing on the floor.

Hope everyone is well!!!!

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