Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Week Nineteen

Al-salaam alaykum,

Monday was my birthday, and what a day it was. I went to work in the morning, and volunteer training that night. Not exactly a big birthday, but it was made really exciting for me. My boss made a chocolate cake for me that was to die for, it was unbelievable. That afternoon and evening it was off to volunteer training. We finished up around 8ish, then headed back to the apartment. Loz bought me a birthday dinner which was nice. The rest of the night was very quiet. It was a quiet but enjoyable birthday.

The rotational dinner was cancelled for the week, as no one was able to go. Instead I made tandoori chicken wraps. They weren’t too bad. It is amazing how many different foods I am eating since I have moved here, Bruce Reid should be proud of me.

For the past 3-4 weeks, a group of my friends organised a party for my birthday. They decided that it would be on the Thursday night after my birthday. There was 12 of them on the team, who decided to call themselves QOCBOC 2006, which stands for Quarter Of Century Birthday Organising Committee 2006. They went to so much effort it was unbelievable. The invitation was fantastic. I had no contribution to the party, and when I say none, I really mean none. The theme they chose was a school dance, and the costumes were fantastic. There were that many school uniforms it was amazing, cheerleaders, you name it. There are so many great photos. I’m sure you can imagine it without me even saying it, but it was a brilliant, and massive night. There were around 100 odd people there, which was great. Vic designed a quiz about me. I challenged Carissa Harris, who happened to beat me. I was never good at trivia, even when it is about me. I was told that because it was my birthday I had to be the Headmaster. I wasn’t even allowed to choose my own costume, that was all done for me. It was an amazing and fantastic night, I loved it, and so did everyone who attended. There are a lot of photos, only thing is many of them cannot be shown to the general public, sorry!!! Here is the link to some photo’s: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cathmellis/sets/72157594274907568/

The party was also the first chance we have had to catch up with Luke Hudson since he arrived in the country the weekend before. He had a few issues with his visa. There are now 15 of us from traffic and transport who worked together in Melbourne, working in different areas of the Asian games.

Friday was once again simply huge. Here in Doha, were able to get the St. Kilda v Melbourne Elimination Final live. Around 30 of us watched it the Ramada hotel. It aired here at 12.30, and every minute of the game was watched with pure excitement. We all stood as one to sing the national anthem, which created the most amazing atmosphere. I think I let out around 18 weeks of anger and frustration at the screen. By the end of the game I could barely speak, which wasn’t very handy, especially since I had to go to volunteer training afterwards. The win by the demons was fantastic, we went absolutely crazy. The game was live here in Doha, yet it was delayed in Melbourne. Mum rang me around 45 minutes after the game telling me the Dees had one. I love it, you never know what to expect in Doha…

Friday night around 20 of us went to watch Al Arabi v Al Khor in the soccer. Tony Popovic, the Australian World Cup Player team member and English Premier League player has been poached by Qatar club Al Arabi. There were Al Khor supporters on one side and Al Arabi supporters on the other side, the there was us in the middle. Every time he got the ball, passed it, headed it, or just ran near us we cheered. It didn't matter what the rest of the team did, it was all about Popa!!!!! What an experience.

We worked our first Saturday which was real exciting. We had our first Venue Readiness Exercise. Without a doubt, most of the functional areas in the village found that they were not ready, what a surprise.

I hope everyone is well at home.

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