Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Week Twenty One

Al-salaam alaykum,

The weeks are getting busier and busier, and Doha has turned in to the land of the Mum’s. Around half a dozen of my friends either have their Mum’s coming, Mum arrived or Mum’s that have left. This week it was my mum’s turn to join us here in the land of sand.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her due to work. On the positive side Mum did get to see the 2 main shopping centres, the souqs (markets), a few restaurant’s, and possibly the world’s most disgraceful zoo. You would think that with all of the money they have here in Doha that the animals would be well looked after. Unfortunately that definitely is not the case. They had a dingo, which sat on its own on a stone floor, without any water. The conditions were disgraceful. The RSPCA would have a field day.

On my day off, I organised a secret day for Mum. I didn’t tell her where we were going, only that we were getting picked up at 6am Friday morning. We went to the airport where we caught a flight at 8am to Dubai. When we landed in Dubai we got a taxi to the Burj Al-Arab, the 7 star hotel in Jumeira Beach. The two of is went and had a buffet brunch on the 27th floor restaurant Al Muntaha – Sky view Restaurant and Bar. The food was exquisite, clearly surpassing anything I even think of making. At the end of the meal we got in to a taxi and went back to the airport. We flew back to Doha at 5pm. It was a rather surreal experience getting on a plane, flying to another country for brunch and then flying back again.

That night we had a dinner for the parents. Shay’s Mum, Alex’s Mum and her partner and my Mum, along with around 14 others all went out for dinner. It was a really good way to end a very fun day. Saturday it was off to work for me, and for Mum, a day at the Marriot Hotel. I organised a day of relaxation including a Turkish Bath, full massage, pedicure etc. I dropped her off at 9.30am and picked her up at 4.30pm. Unfortunately it was Mum’s last day with us in the land of sand, but I’m glad it was a relaxing way to finish her desert tour of duty.

For me it was fun to have her around, it was nice to be mothered for a little while. For me life continues on as normal, no more sleeping on a single mattress on the floor.

I hope you are smiling wherever in the world you may be!!!

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