Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Week Twenty

Al-salaam alaykum,

Once again it was another week at work. Things are starting to get busier. With only two months until the athlete’s village opens, there is still a lot of work to be done. We are all working hard to resolve as many issues as possible, but as usual stuff keeps popping up. The venue transport managers are working more and more out at the venue which is good, it’s always good to be out on the ground.

Not too much happened during the week other than work. There are a lot of photos from the birthday party. This web site has a heap of pictures from my birthday party.

Thursday night it was Shay’s birthday party. There were around 160 of us who went out in to the desert for one of the biggest parties so far this year. After being at work all day, the massive group all met out front of our old apartment building, next to where the new staff are living. It took 35 four wheel drives to get us all out there. The drive out was fantastic. We did some sand duning which was fantastic. We then made our way to the camp for the night.

That is when the real partying started. It was huge. There was a dance floor, tents, you name it. It was the same place that we went to last time, but was even bigger. After all of the music finished, about a dozen of us, arm in arm , sang Aussie anthem after anthem. We sang everything from Throw Your Arms Around Me, to the theme from Burke’s Back Yard to We Still Call Australia Home, which mind you, was sang with absolute gusto. After that it was off for a swim. By this time it was 3 am. I had about half an hours sleep, got up and started the day again. Here is the link to some photos: http://subactive.coronadigital.com/gallery/Shays_Pimped_Out_Camel

We all got back home around 10 am. We went back for a shower, then ate steak pies and drank beer. After only half an hours sleep since 6 am the day before, we went and watched the football. There were around 40 of us who watched the Fremantle vs Melbourne match live. This time the coverage started before the teams ran out, giving us the chance to sing the demons theme song when they ran out. Once again we all stood arm in arm and sang the national anthem. For a couple of the boys it was their first time watching AFL footy. Nabel, an Iraqi who moved to Qatar, joined us for his first game. He had a ball. It was great. He picked up the game really quick, and ended up yelling stuff at the screen that actually made sense, and fitted the moment. Plattsy, one of the pommie lads also saw his first game. He ended up receiving lessons about footy from Jess. It was handy because after a while he knew why I was yelling and so pumped up. Unfortunately we lost the game putting us out of the finals.

That night I hit bed at 7.30 pm, having been up for 37 hours. It was disappointing finish with a Melbourne loss, but you get that. Look out season 2007, it will be the Year Of The Demons!!!

I hope everyone is well at home.

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